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“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

This verse can be found on tons of Christian products (heck, I have it as a sticker on my laptop!) which means that you have probably seen it before, but have you ever really thought about how to implement it in your prayer life? Being still in this crazy, non-stop world can seem nearly impossible, but here are a few tips steps you can take to try it out. Remember, different things work for different people so if something does not feel right, tweak it!

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  1. Find a quiet space. I personally like being in a chapel, but I realize that not everybody has easy access to one. I do recommend using some place specific though, so maybe instead of sitting on your bed try sitting at your desk. Find somewhere that is comfortable, but not too comfortable that you fall asleep or get distracted.
  2. Leave behind your electronics! The only exception to this rule is using your phone/computer for music. I personally focus a lot better with light worship music in the background, but I always make sure my phone is face-down and out of reach so that it is not a distraction. Here are some of my favorite songs for quiet reflection:
    How He Loves- Crowder
    Set A Fire- Will Reagan and United Pursuit
    Holy Spirit- Francesca Battistelli
    Beautiful Things- Gungor
  3. Bring a candle. (Like this adorable one from The Daily Grace co) Find your favorite candle, light it, and dim or turn off all the lights. While you are praying you can focus on the candle. This will give you something to focus on but should not be too distracting, and it serves as a wonderful reminder of the light of Christ.
  4. Listen. Do not use this time to ask God for things, to pray for specific people, or to worry about anything. This is a time to simply be still and listen. If you do not hear anything that is okay, just being there and sitting in God’s glory is enough.

This is one of my favorite forms of prayer because I often have so many things racing around in my mind that instead of talking to God I just list off a laundry list of problems and worries that I have. While sharing your problems with God is great, sometimes it may prevent you from hearing the solutions. Try starting off with this form of prayer, and then pray for yourself and others. Then, before you end, try this again so that you can leave your prayer relaxed and in tune with the Lord.

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Do you have any tips on how to be still? Share them in the comments!

5 Replies to “Four-Step Process to “Be Still” In Prayer”

  1. As a mommy of 2 sometimes it is hard to find that quiet space. I have found the bathroom is a place I can go for a short time for a fee seconds of peace. I am totally with you on leaving electronics. My phone is a major distraction period. Whenever I leave it behind I find it a lot easier to listen to what God has to say.

    1. I’m glad you could get some value out of this! I agree, the phone is distracting! That’s why even if I use it for music it has to be out of reach. God is always trying to say something, we just have to listen! Thanks for reading!

  2. I have found that if I focus on my breath, I can be still and quiet my mind. I also like to do this practice first thing in the morning, for a few minutes before I get out of bed, to start my day off on the right foot.

    1. I have been working on that a little lately too. When I start to get stressed I take a few deep breaths and it really helps.. Haven’t tried it in prayer yet though! Great idea!

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