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Every Christian that I know struggles with making time for God in their life. Whether you are working, going to school, or running around chasing toddlers all day, I get it: you’re busy. Is God ever too busy for you though? You might be thinking something along the lines of “I am different though, I really have no time because of x, y, or z” but everyone has to do x, y, and z, plus a few other things. So how do we make time for something like a 90-day novena?

The best way to make sure that you are making time for God is to change your mindset. You should not be looking to work God into your schedule, but rather to work your schedule around God. Make time with him on a regular basis, and make it non-negotiable. This is what I had to tell myself last year when I committed to doing a 90-day novena with a few of my friends. Sure, we were all in college and had a million other things to do, but we managed to put that stuff on hold for about 30 minutes every single day for 90 days and it was absolutely worth it.

What is a 90-Day Novena?

This may sound like a strange (and intimidating) thing to you, like it did to me in the beginning, so let me explain. Put simply, a novena is a Catholic practice and it is a certain prayer that is done for nine days in a row. There is not a specific “novena prayer” that is prayed though, novenas are often done for a specific theme or intention, therefore the prayer varies. Every day for nine days, you pray for that intention. Sometimes, worshipers will be asking for the intercession of a specific saint, other times they are asking for help with a specific problem.

Our novena was 90 days, so it was much larger than the typical novena (it was ten in a row)! We each chose our own special intention, and then every day we prayed a rosary together for that intention.

The Good that Came

Though I cannot share it all in one post, so much good came out of this experience. Personally, I gained clarity and understanding in the situation that I was praying for. The biggest thing that came out of it though was the relationships that we formed. Talking to and praying with these same people every single day for so long formed beautiful friendships. We would discuss what was happening in our lives, other prayer requests we had, and whatever else college kids talk about. It was not just normal chit-chat though, it was all in the presence of Christ in our little dorm chapel.

As time went on, we even brought new people into our novena! As people saw us going to the chapel every day, they would ask what we were doing down there (and why we always had rosaries). When people would ask, we would invite them. This brought a handful of visitors from time to time, which was absolutely beautiful! Not only was it a blessing in our lives to have more people praying with us, they would often express that this was just what they needed at the time.

Is it Worth My Time?

Yes! A 90-day novena is absolutely worth your time because it gives you the chance to really pray for something that is on your heart. Even if you do not have the ability to pray a whole rosary every single day, offering a prayer for any intention for that long will transform you. This is a great practice because it gives you something clear to pray for, rather than allowing you to brush off prayer because nothing is on your mind.

I Challenge You!

That’s right, I challenge you to commit to 90 days of prayer! Think of something that has been on your heart for a while, and pray without ceasing. I know you can do it, and feel free to reach out if you need a little help or encouragement along the way. What are you praying for?

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  1. This is such an encouraging post. I have never heard of the term Novena before, probably because I’m not from a Catholic background. But I do have a rosary, given to me as a gift many years ago. I run a small email prayer group with friends & the concept of a really focused prayer over a period of days is great. It’s a little like my group, we pray over certain matters for a month…& continue where needed. I feel encouraged, which I needed & will keep your post in mind. Prayer is such a blessing. Thank you for the reminder. Have a blessed day.

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