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    “Now that action plan is BRILLIANT! I never would have known the exact steps/order to go about finalising and launching a product. To be honest, I never would have been so ruthless as to remove some current content to reuse as part of a bigger plan and I can see now that that’s exactly what I need to do. I really will follow your steps through to the letter to get the best outcome for the book.
    I must thank you for the work you’ve done for me in brainstorming and planning my first paid products; even though my blog is young, you’ve shown me how I can get bigger things rolling already and you’ve given me a number of great leads and ideas.  I’ve now got the necessary knowledge to go to the next step on more than one front. What a fantastic service. “
    The Food Brood creates recipes with just six ingredients or fewer. Her aim is to get people back in their kitchens, cooking from scratch – just like our grandmas used to.  She wants to help make your time in the kitchen more productive and less stressful. She did receive this service for free in exchange for a fully honest review, and she rated the service as worth the price!
    “Working with Althea has been the best idea for my business in a very long time! She’s not only provided amazing ideas that I can use, but allowed me to provide some of my own ideas that she listened to and used in our brainstorming session. Thanks to her brilliance, I have solved my business problems that I have been struggling with for a long time! I can’t wait to use her ideas to grow my business!!”
    The Flippin Fanchers do diy projects, mainly with items that they find at flea markets and flip! Their blog is filled with great ideas and inspiration, as well as helpful tips and tricks. Angie also received this service for free in exchange for her honest review.