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What exactly is creativity? We always hear that people are looking for something new and “creative” but what does this mean? Typically creative is understood to mean something unique, something that has not been done before. Therefore, we can assume that creativity is the ability required to come up with (or create) those ideas. Sometimes creativity just does not come though, and we are often left feeling stuck, hopeless, and frustrated. Sound like you? Here are four creativity hacks to help you along the way!

1. Define the Box

We are always told to “think outside of the box” but in order to do that we need to know what the box is! Think of the way that something would normally be done, or the easiest way to do it. Then, AVOID DOING THAT!

2. Talk it Out

Find someone who does not mind listening to you for a while and talk it out! Start explaining to them what you are trying to accomplish, and do not stop talking until you get an idea! If there is nobody around, you can do something similar with this free brainstorming worksheet. Do not stop writing until you have an idea!

3. Watch a TedTalk! (or anything inspiring)

Look for an inspirational video somewhere, even if it is not relevant to what you are trying to create. This will give you a nice mental break, as well as some much needed motivation! Here is a list of motivational TedTalks to get you started!

4. Dig Through Your Junk Drawer

This one might sound a little strange, but hear me out! Look for something in your drawers, craft closets, or anywhere else that you can use to be creative. Some construction paper and markers, paint, anything really! One of my favorite things to do to get creativity flowing is practicing lettering. When I make cute stuff like the quote below, I feel inspired and rejuvenated!

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Don’t forget to grab your free brainstorming worksheet before you go!

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