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Four Tips to Starting a Devotional


In case you missed it, go check out my guest post on Muffin-Top Diary, What Devotionals Can Do for Your Faith

Here are the tips that I shared in my guest post!

If you have never heard of devotionals and are unsure of how to use them, here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a topic that feels relevant to your life. A devotional that focuses on a certain problem you are already facing will keep your interest and show you the way that God works in your life.
  2. Choose an amount of time that you know you can stick with. You don’t want to jump into a year-long devotional when you have not prayed in a while, as it will be extremely difficult and could lead to feelings of overwhelm or defeat.
  3. Do your devotional at the same time, in the same place every day. Choose a quiet place (probably in your home) and set aside some time every day to read your devotional. I recommend the morning, as it will give you the chance to reflect all day.
  4. Get to it! Take the leap and get started!

Why I Choose Devotionals

As you can see in the post What Devotionals Can Do For Your Faith, I personally love devotionals because they offer a little bit of support to push me back out into my faith. When I notice that I have been distant for a while, I am never sure exactly how to get back to God. This is why I like the structure laid out in devotionals! The sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing the readings or reflections each day always makes me happy, and gives me the encouragement and motivation that I have been lacking.

If you think you are ready to devote yourself back to God through a devotional, a great place to start would be my free seven day devotional. This devotional is perfect for anyone feeling a little lost and purposeless, as it will guide you to learn from one of the most devout ladies there ever was, Mama Mary. Get it here:


The Next Step

If you have completed my devotional, do not feel like it is for you, or want to have another one on the way for when you finish it, here are a couple of devotionals I recommend. Remember, it may be best to start small! Then, you can jump on into these!






33 Days to Morning Glory

33 Days to Morning Glory

This is a book that I can honestly read over and over again. It is set up in a way that it walks you through the life of four saints. You learn about their devotion to Mary, in order to teach you what it means. Devote yourself to Jesus through Mary.


Devotions For Dating Couples

This devotional is great for anyone in a serious relationship. It is set up so that you do the daily reflections on your own, then come together at the end of the week to discuss them!  found that the discussion questions often started deep conversations which laid a great foundation in my relationship.You can read a little more about this in my post Teaching Kids About Virtue.





The Daily Grace Co Devotionals

Get it here. The Daily Grace Company has a ton of beautiful devotionals and bible studies. This new one, He Leads me, is an in-depth study of Psalm 23. As an added bonus, there is a Facebook page where you can talk to and follow along with others doing the same devotional! How cool is that?




Strength + Dignity: Becoming the Proverbs 31 Lady

Note: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, I would never recommend a product I did not love! I loved this bible study/devotional because it was different than ones I had seen in the past! It gives a lot of open space for reflection, which is great because it allows you to make the time extra-personal. My favorite part is that it includes informational things like other translations of passages and definitions and studies of words. This allows you to study the word both spiritually and more academically, side by side.

Get Devoting!

I hope that you are now feeling inspired to reconnect with Christ through a devotional! He is always at our hearts knocking, we need only to let Him in.

Here’s your start: Free Seven Day Devotional

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