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The Problem

One of the most common problems I have noticed bloggers asking for help with is coming up with ideas! Everyone wants to create great and unique content, but sometimes the ideas just do not come. You may be feeling motivated, but not inspired. This can often lead to feelings of frustration and hopelessness, because you feel stuck!

The Solution

The best solution to any creative roadblock is brainstorming! Coming up with a ton of ideas at once, then weeding out the bad ones to search for the good. Even if you do not manage to find “the” idea during your brainstorm, you will likely find some little idea seeds that you can turn into “the” idea down the road.
Brainstorming can be a tricky thing to tackle though, especially when you are feeling stuck and frustrated. To help you with this, I am offering a completely free webinar on creative brainstorming! This should help give you the boost that you need to get your blog going again!

What to Expect

After the free webinar, you can expect to walk away with a valuable brainstorming process that you can use again and again in your blogging! It will be laid out into four straightforward steps that you can write down, this way you can reference back whenever you need to, and your creativity will never run dry!
At the end of the webinar, there will also be a live Q&A and collaboration session! This is something completely new so I cannot tell you exactly what it will look like, other than it is up to you! At this time, I will be open to answering your questions, listening to your ideas, and providing feedback.
With all this combined, your next big idea should be just around the corner! If you decide to pass on this webinar (which would be silly considering it is free), you will just keep feeling frustrated, hopeless, and stuck. If you are stuck, this means that your blog is not growing, your readers are not getting valuable content, and they are going to lose interest in your blog!

So, jump on this opportunity now to keep your readers interested, and start growing your following even more with some brand new, awesome content!
The webinar will take place on Thursday, August 24 at 11am PT

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