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A close friend of mine, That Hard Hat Girl (check her out at, is doing a project where she is trying to spread kindness to people she meets! As a social scientist, she loves meeting new people in order to make connections and leave lasting impressions. One way that she is doing this is through a project that is based around random acts of kindness. She is challenging her readers and the people she meets to join in on the kindness, and now I am challenging you! In order to see how far this can spread, after you do your act post about it on your social media with the hashtag #thhgkindness and she will keep track of how many acts are done!

Are you up for the challenge?

If you want to get in on the fun but cannot seem to think of anything kind to do, here is a list of ideas to get the ball rolling!

    1. Give someone a corndog (this is inspired by Kid President, which you can read about in my post What Kid President Taught My Youth Group)
    2. Give some ice-cold water to a someone on the street! Maybe a homeless person, someone waving a sign for work, or your local elotero!
    3. Write your teacher a thank-you note!
    4. Write a letter to someone you haven’t heard from in a while! (Bonus tip: send them a quote or bible verse that made you think of them! People love personal inspiration like this)
    5. Buy your classmate or coworker a “just because” cupcake!
    6. Make cookies and bring them into your office.
    7. Leave nice comments on social media!
    8. Put someone’s cart away for them at the grocery store (like the mom you see trying to round her kids up into the car, or the old lady parked far away from the cart return)!
    9. Buy the coffee/food of the car behind you!
    10. Offer to bring snacks to your parish’s youth group! (We once had a woman randomly offer to make/provide snacks every week and the kids loved it)
    11. Tell someone they’re awesome with this cute book!

Share the love!

Afterwards, make sure you post about your act with the hashtag #thhgkindness, where you’re from, and challenge your friends! Let’s put a little love in a world that sometimes seems so full of pain! Also, comment below with what you did and any other ideas you have!

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